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Appartment Deluxe

The Deluxe Apartment offers beautiful sea views.

The Deluxe Apartment offers beautiful sea views.

Apartment DELUXE - 81m2, consists of a two separate rooms. One is sleeping room with a double bed and a private balcony. The living room is connected in one large space with a kitchen and a dining room. The living area is furnished with two sleeping divan beds, a large pull-out sofa, a coffee table, a TV and air conditioning. The kitchen is connected to a dining area with a large dining table and beautiful sea view. The kitchen includes a refrigerator and a cooker. The living area has own exit to the balcony with a direct sea view. Outdoor sitting with table lets you enjoy beautiful view at any time. A bathroom with a toilet and a spacious shower is part of the atrium.

The apartment is designed for 4 people, with extra beds for 2-3 additional persons (children).

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