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Don t you  like giant hotels with thousands of clients and rows on trays with food? Are you  looking for a quiet, small family-run hotel on the sea shore? You've found it!

Hotel Panorama***  is a small family hotel, where the client can do really, what he want. You dont have to get up for breakfast at a specific time or run from the beach to the prescribed lunch,  or sit back and wait hungry for the dinner, which is served at seventh. Catering to our clients does not directly provide, but the hotel has a restaurant with the best food all around. You can enjoy fantastic atmosphere with live music every evening, view to the sea and dellicious food.

Accommodation type, which you choose , depends on you - we offer double rooms, small apartments, large apartments without kitchen, and suites with a kitchen - it is only up to you what you choose.
The hotel is situated directly on the sea shore, with a beach 40 m away! You forgot your sunscreen at the room? No problem. You don t have to rush back for half an hour, or buy a new one. You can solve it in 5 minutes....all is so close.

An indispensable fact is that you have a sea view from each room or apartment. Therefore, you can not finish  on the tenth floor overlooking the well-kept yard.))

Have you experienced the feeling that you are drinking coffee on the captain's bridge? It happens to me often when I sit in one of the suites with direct sea view and there is no more landscape, only sea .... sea .... sea ...

Have you ever fall asleep at the sound of the waves? And  waked up? It is worth a try, after returning home, you will missed sounds of the sea  very much.

Your child is  sick very often  and doctor recommended  you sea walking  early morning every day? In our hotel you are breathing sea air  directly from the room with open  windows.

Do you have  problem and need help? The owners  of the hotel and the staff is always present and willing to help.
And in English ....))

What to conclude? ...... we are not giant hotel  with thousands of clients, but on vacation with us you will be glad to remember ... and love to come back.

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