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Bulgaria is a beautiful and picturesque contry. But if you've come to relax and do not plan to spend more miles in the car, we'll advise you, which is not far and really worth seeing.

Wenn Sie Nessebar nur einmal sehen, dann würden Sie den Zauber der Stadt niemals vergessen. | Foto: ©[Maridav@Fotolia]

First of all: Nesebar!

If you only see Nesebar once, you would never forget the magic of the city.

It is only 7 km away from Ravda and it is beautiful. A small fishing town, connected to the mainland only by the bridge, will enchant you forever. You will have the desire to come back like me - day, night, in every weather, repeatedly and constantly. You will always discover something new and beautiful - whether romantic coffee place, beautiful old house on the corner of the street, another church, street art exhibition, artists, painters ... yes - Nessebar is the center of artists, fishermen, starters. The unrepeatable atmosphere is complemented by a beautiful Bulgarian architecture, stone-paved streets, so tight, that people can see into the windows each other and cars can be forgotten.
Try to enjoy the charm of the moment in one of the seafront restaurants, taste fresh fish on the grill, excellent red wine and forget the world around you. Can be done. Trust me.

Oldtime village Bata - is one of the next exciting excursions you can enjoy after a long day at the beach. You will not spend there all the day and you will get richer with another experience. Evening program starts at 19. o clock and finish after 22.00 o clock. This event includes also rich dinner with wine, rakija, welcome drink.....
You can travel there with a bus and you will have the opportunity to see the ancient village architecture, enjoy a rich evening cultural program and dance the Bulgarian choro. The highlight of the program is the performance of the Nestinari artistic group - who will showcase "Dance on Burned Carbon" - an incredible experience you have to see.

Burgas - a beautiful town, about 30 km from Ravda, offers the opportunity for a pleasant day or evening. If you decide to make a day shopping, local big shopping centers will certainly not disappoint you. You can also visit the downtown of Burgas, the famous shopping streets Alexandrovska and Bogoridi, where you can find everything possible and impossible and besides many small restaurants, cafes, pastry shops.
You can cool down in the beautiful Sea Garden, which stretches along the eastern part of the city and is the heart of summer cultural and sporting life. You can go for miles on foot, rent a bike, sit down for coffee, ice cream, dinner, even bathe ...... and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea under the wonderfull trees that give you feeling of summer hood.

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